Podcast Production Service

Go make your brand more widely known by having podcasts!

Need a podcast production and distribution for your brand? Don’t worry because INSTEREO consultants will help your brand to develop an interesting podcast to help your brand campaign and promotion. Just sit back and relax as we handle all elements of your podcasts from creating concept, recording, editing and content distribution. Want to add more spice by going visual with your podcast? Yes, we can help you also with that.


With podcasting’s surge in popularity over the last handful of years, businesses, brands and corporations are looking to podcastings’ incredible influence as a way of getting their message out in front of millions of people. Every brand has a story. They’ve had a beginning. An impetus for starting and a mission of what they have set out to accomplish. What’s more, they want their investors, employees and consumers to know that story, be invested in it and become passionateabout it just like them.

1. Podcast is an effective marketing platform

The truth is audio has several advantages over video and it’s just as easily streamed at the tap of a thumb.  What’s more, podcasts are generally ad-free so it makes it an engaging and less distracting way to get in front of your audience without having to compete with other brands who are also vying for their attention.

2.Podcast can be tailored to the audience with great flexibility

You have the chance to speak to many different types of consumers, many demographics and many different causes all on the same platform because the medium is episodic. You have the flexibility to do a single episode or short-run series on a topic you feel beneficial and then not be bound by that strategy for the duration of a marketing campaign.

3. Podcast make your brand more approachable

Podcast allows you to not only be approachable through getting right out in front of them, but it allows you to do it daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly…however often you choose. This means that as often as you produce content, you have the ability to be received by the consumer. But podcasts are also more sustainable for the long-haul as they allow you to build your story and your message over a much longer period of time rather than just a 30 or 60 second advertisement.

4. Podcast = cost effective

Podcasts can be a very inexpensive way to get your message out to millions of consumers on a consistent basis.

5. Podcast are profitable to your brand

 There is some general information and some motivating statistics that have been gathered that will be of some very big help. Here’s what has been tracked regarding the projected impact and marketing of podcasts:

  • 62% of listeners should consider your product or service
  • 63% of listeners should buy something your host promotes
  • 71% of listeners should visit your website
  • 88% of your subscribers should listen to every episode you make

Instereo will help you with our Podcast Development Service (PODS) to make a podcast with a great quality in sound with the most hi-tech tools and with a magic hands in editing your podcast.

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