INSTEREO RADIO CONSULTANT has several services for radio brands and Non-Radio brands. Our consultants will help your brand professionally.

1. Radio Consultation Service (RCS)
INSTEREO provides the most complete radio consultation that covers all areas of your radio business to win the competition and get maximum revenue. Our team of consultants will help your radio find its best potential.

2. Radio Training (RaTra)
Our consultants are experience consultants in providing training on radio HR. The training that we provide includes:

Announcer training
Program training division (Producer, Program Director, Music Director)
Training in Marketing & Promotion Division
Sales Division Training
Production Division Training

3. Radio Campaign Consultancy (RCC)
Many brands spend a lot of budget to advertise / campaign on the radio but the results are not successful because of the lack of knowledge about advertising / campaigning on a good and effective radio. INSTEREO will help your brand successfully advertise / campaign on the radio effectively.

4. Radio Production Service (RPS)
INSTEREO will help you produce ads for your brand on the radio. In addition we also provide this service to radios that want to repair or update their imaging stations to be better and different (Station ID, Music Image, Promo Station, etc.).

5. Inhouse Radio Programming (IRP)
We provide this service to brands that want to have their own in-house radio, for example in a network of stores, malls, offices, hospitals, workshop networks, restaurant networks, etc. If we go to a place to eat, for example, the same brand, sometimes the music played is not in accordance with the brand image of the place of eating because this is still not well considered. This service will be very useful to maintain your brand image and also your products. In addition you can promote your product through the radio inhose that you have to visitors. This service is the first service in Indonesia provided by a radio consultant.

INSTEREO will help you develop radio instore that matches your brand and target market.

6. Music & Radio Research (MRR)
INSTEREO now provides AMT (Audience Music Test) music research that is affordable by your radio brand, in this music research also includes radio research which is very useful for your radio brand to be able to have good data in winning the competition.

7. Corporate Public Speaking Training (CPS)

We provide Corporate Public Speaking Training with experienced instructors to advance HR in this era of intense competition. HR who are confident and have good Public Speaking will win the competition.