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INSTEREO RADIO CONSULTANT (PT. Indonesia Stereo Perkasa) was established on September 14, 2016 by Pati Perkasa who has been in the radio industry for more than 15 years. Successfully led a successful team on Jakarta’s big radio such as 101.0 Jak FM and 96.7 Hitz FM and learned a lot from several radio consultant¬† from around the world. Pati always has aspirations to be able to advance the radio industry in Indonesia which is the passion of his life. Pati invited his long-time colleague Panji Kristiaji and also Rifai Sihite to establish a radio consultant named INSTEREO from the INdonesia STEREO word.

The vision and mission of INSTEREO is to provide affordable radio consulting services with international standards for all radios in Indonesia and advance the radio industry in Indonesia. Now INSTEREO is expanding to consult for radio all over Asia and other continents to raise ratings and revenue.

96.3 Medan FM and 95.1 City Radio is the first INSTEREO radio clients in Medan City. In Jakarta INSTEREO is the consultant for the morning show from KBR radio, KBR PAGI, hosted by Hilbram Dunar and Adit Insomnia in 2017. After the two cities INSTEREO also helped radio in Surabaya and established 92.4 Del FM radio in Toba. INSTEREO now are trusted by BEKRAF (Badan Ekonomi Kreatif) as radio workshop speaker and trainer throughout Indonesia.